Rakhasim is the universe where many of my creations take place, though some are more directly connected than others. Below you can find all of the currently released works within Rakhasim, arranged by order of release. They don't need to be viewed in order and none of them require one another to be understood, and the oldest ones aren't very good anyway, so feel free to browse in whatever order you please.

Canonical Works

Heaven and Earth Shall Pass Away
Eight Degrees of Freedom
lorette typomania, acoemeti phlogogenetic.
Map of Europos
Map of Newfoundland
Map of Earth
Map of Earth
Map of Gnthlth
The Cornsville Arcade Game Collection
Embryo Lysis Serum Deluxe
An Isolated Cabin in New Occitania
The Heavenly Arrangement of Al-Chymical Substances

Deuterocanonical Works